NFT mechanics
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    In the beginning you will have only a house and a workers. You will be able to farm the CWFOOD and CWOOD token. Food and wood farm will be small.
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    The first target NFT is a Lumber mill. This is the cheapest and most profitable NFT. Lumber will extract a large amount of wood.
  3. 3.
    After accumulating CWWOOD and CWFOOD, you will be able to create a Cauldron. This NFT will significantly speed up CWFOOD earning.
  4. 4.
    After the construction of the Lumber and Cauldron - the best choice is a gold mine. The mine will allow you to mine CWGOLD token.
  5. 5.
    CWGOLD will be used to improve your NFT and create advanced NFT.
Drops of Lumber Mill, Cauldron and Gold Mine is not planned. You can create this NFT in the game.
Each crafting of a new NFT will increase the cost of crafting for everyone. Early get the cheapest craft!
Orcs farm 50% less CWFOOD than humans.
Humans farm 50% less CWWOOD than orcs.
Scheduled update:
  • Synergy system.

Upgrade system

Each level you will increase farming. Maximum level for now = 50. 1 - 9 1% per level. 10 - 19 2% per level. 20 - 29 3% per level. 30 - 39 4% per level. 40 - 49 5% per level. 50 - 6% per level. Over all on 50 level your peon/peasant will farm +300% The cost of upgrading farmers will not affect other NFTs
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